Poets & Patrons Chicagoland Contest


Winners’ List 2013


1.              Religious Poem

Sponsors:  Wilda Morris & Camille Balla            Judge:  Kathleen Mullen

1st  Wilda Morris, “At the Gateway Wetlands.”

2nd John McBride, “The Sojourn of Father Klein.”

3rd  Catherine Moran, “Details of Heaven.”

1st HM  Becky Alexander, “On the Road.”

2nd HM  Caroline Johnson, “Layers.”

3rd HM  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Mary Recalls the First Christmas.”


2.              Humorous Poem

Sponsor:  W. Clement Stone                                 Judge:  Alan Harris

1st  Vera Ogden Bakker, “The Medicare Blues.”

2nd John McBride, “Trophies in the Salvation Army Store.”

3rd  Larry Turner, “How Do Mermaids Mate?’

1st HM  Gail Vescovi, “Recipe for Marriage.”

2nd HM  Mark Wilson, “Going to Court.”

3rd HM  Lee Pelham Cotton, “The Good Life.”


3.              Formal Verse

Sponsor:  Donna Pucciani                                     Judge:  Becky Kanan

1st  Mardelle Fortier, “Gifts Bequeathed.”

2nd  Carol Kanter, “Before Dawn in Mandalay.”

3rd  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Singer on the Isle of Stones.”

1st HM  Wilma Spellman, “Elderberry Picking.”

2nd HM  Beverly Stanislawski, “Ballerina.”

3rd HM  Wilda Morris, “The Red-Winged Blackbird.”


4.              Free Verse

Sponsor:  Charlotte Digregorio                             Judge:  Judith Zukerman

1st  Joe Metz, “50th Class Reunion.”

2nd  Robert Meek, “Barn Lace.”

3rd  David Nekimken, “This Land is Our Land.”

1st HM  John Bing, “We Walk Free.”

2nd HM  Kate Hutchinson, “Anne Boleyn Attempts a Voice, Again.”

3rd HM  Kathleen McClung, “Behind the White Bird.”


5.              Social Conscience

Sponsor:  Linda Wallin                                         Judge:  Jared Smith

1st  Catherine Moran, “Tin Sounds.”

2nd  Caroline Johnson, “Golden Lilies.”

3rd  Kathleen McClung, “Renter Sonnet.”

1st HM  Cathy Decker, “The Trudge.”

2nd HM  Margie Skelly, “The Silence of Columbine.”

3rd HM  Donna Pucciani, “Orpheus Descending.”


6.              Miniature Poem

Sponsor:  Beth Staas                                             Judge:  Alice Weidner

1st  Lee Pelham Cotton, “The Husbandman.”

2nd  Kathleen McClung, “Perfect Game.”

3rd  Sharon F. Warner, “Aftermath of the Accident.”

1st HM  Madelyn Eastlund, “Message to a Man Married in Another Lifetime.”

2nd HM  Von S. Bourland, “Celestial Courtship.”

3rd HM  Marilyn Huntman Giese, “Spendthrift.”


7.              Nature

Sponsors:  Jared & Deborah Smith                       Judge:  Joyce Shiver

1st  Donna Pucciani, “An English Spring.”

2nd  Beth Staas, “Summer Storm.”

3rd  Mary Daul, “A Seed Dreams.”

1st HM David Spencer, “Seasons.”

2nd HM  Robert Meek, “The Wind.”

3rd HM  Dennis R. Patton, “Evening Song.”


8.              Chicago Art & Architecture

Sponsors:  Jenene Ravesloot & Tom Roby          Judge:  Patricia Eaton

1st  Gail Vescovi, “The Art of Love.”

2nd  Caroline Johnson, “The New Guitarist.”

3rd  Mardelle Fortier, “Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise.”

1st HM  Mary Daul, “The Chicago Hotdog.”

2nd HM  Charlotte Digregorio, “Strangers.”

3rd HM  Marilyn Peretti, “Available Dreams.”


9.              Chicago News, Politics, & History

Sponsor:  Judith Tullis                                         Judge:  Larry Turner

1st  Wilda Morris, “News that Cannot Be Forgotten.”

2nd  David Nekimken, “For Poorer and for Richer.”

3rd  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Headline:  Illinois to Boast World’s

                                                      Highest Goat Tower.”

1st HM  Mardelle Fortier, “Gerard Pawlicki.”

2nd HM  Judith Tullis, “After Reading Carl Sandburg.”

3rd HM  Susan Moss, “The Inimitable Marshall Fields.”


10.           Lake Michigan Waterfront or Other Illinois Waterways 

Sponsors:  Caroline Johnson & Barbara Eaton                 Judge:  John Lehman

1st  Mardelle Fortier, “Flood of DuPage River.”

2nd  Charlotte Digregorio, “The Sun over Lake Michigan.”

3rd  Deborah Rohde, “North Branch.”

1st HM  Sheila Elliott, “Origins Park:  South Branch of the Chicago River.”

2nd HM  Beth Staas, “Salt Creek.”

3rd HM  Caroline Johnson, “Digging.”