Chicagoland Poetry Contest 2008
Court of Awards
October 25, 2008
Harold Washington Library
Chicago, Illinois


I.          RELIGIOUS POEM              Ella Kracke Memorial

                                                            Sponsor:  W. Clement Stone

                                                            Judge:  Rebecca Kanan, Joplin, MO


            1st        Charlotte Hart, “Ice in the Desert of Days,” Evanston, IL

            2nd        Jennifer Dotson, “The Miracle,” Highland Park, IL

            3rd        Wilda Morris, “Embracing the Dead,” Bolingbrook, IL


1st HM   Donna Pucciani, “Trinity,” Wheaton, IL

            2nd HM  Anna Lonas Husain, “The Kingdom of Heaven,” Barrington, IL

            3rd HM   Carole Spinelli, “Avocado Prayer,” Naperville, IL


II.        HUMOR OR LIGHT VERSE       Isabelle Gillespie Young Award

        Sponsor:  Beth Staas

        Judge:  Alan Harris, Tucson, AZ


            1st        Donna Pucciani, “To My Husband, Who Snores,” Wheaton, IL

            2nd        Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Vocabulary Downsizing,” Evanston, IL

            3rd        Glenna Holloway, “Discontent Decanted,” Naperville, IL


            1st HM  Margarete Cantrall, “A Time To…”  Downers Grove, IL

            2nd HM  Nancy Jean Carrigan, “A Tribunal in the Library,” Warrenville, IL

            3rd HM  Anna Lonas Husain, “Cyber Girl – Not,” Barrington, IL


III.       LYRIC POEM           Walter and Modena Vertreace Memorial

                                                Alice and Joseph Doody Memorial

                                                Co-Sponsors:  Martha Vertreace-Doody and

                                                                        Timothy Doody

                                                Judge:  Madelyn Eastlund, Beverly Hills, FL


            1st        Carole Spinelli, “The Way of It,” Naperville, IL


            1st HM   Mary Daul, “Echoes from Vagabond Days,” Wood Dale, IL


IV.       FORMAL VERSE                 Virginia Nicholas/Wilma Burton Memorial

                                                            In Memory of Bernhard Hillila

                                                            Sponsor:  Glenna Holloway

                                                            Judge:  Alan Harris, Tucson, AZ


            1st        Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Go Wise and Gentle,” Evanston, IL

            2nd        Glenna Holloway, “Critic’s Review of a Leading Role,” Naperville, IL

            3rd        Caroline Johnson, “Maple Lake,” Willow Springs, IL


            1st HM  Mardelle Fortier, “Dancing on Ice,” Lisle, IL

            2nd HM  Carole Spinelli, “Out of Thin Air,” Naperville, IL

            3rd HM  Wilda Morris, “Something About Water,” Bolingbrook, IL


V.        FREE VERSE                        In Memory of Benjamin M. Eaton, Sr.

                                                            Sponsor:  Barbara Eaton

                                                            Judge:  David Smith, Cupertino, CA


            1st        William Vollrath, “Big Bang,” Downers Grove, IL

            2nd        Marilyn Gehant, “The Tenant,” Chicago, IL

            3rd        Mardelle Fortier, “The Impossible Search,” Lisle, IL


            1st HM  Mary Daul, “I am a Dandelion,” Wood Dale, IL

            2nd HM  Camille A. Balla, “In Her Own Time,” Lisle, IL

            3rd HM  Wilda Morris,  “On a Line from Albert Stewart,” Bolingbrook, IL


VI.       POEM OF SOCIAL CONSCIENCE          Sponsor:  Linda Wallin

                                                                                   Judge:  Bruce Holland Rogers,

                                                                                   Eugene, OR


            1st        Beth Staas, “March 2003,” Westmont, IL

            2nd        Camilla A. Balla, “Breaking Through,” Lisle, IL

            3rd        Caroline Johnson, “Seasons of Love,” Willow Springs, IL


            1st HM  Anna Husain, “Vagabond,” Barrington, IL

            2nd HM  Sandra Bringer, “Intimates,” Arlington Heights, IL

            3rd HM  Carol Kanter, “New Orleans’ Ninth Ward,” Evanston, IL


VII.     MINIATURE POEM             Esther Kossoff/June Shipley Memorial

Sponsor:  Gertrude Rubin

Judge:  Rebecca Kanan, Joplin, MO


1st        Wilda Morris, “Daffodils,” Bolingbrook, IL

2nd        Glenna Holloway, “Autumn Coinage,” Naperville, IL

3rd        John Gordon, “Island,” La Grange, IL


1st HM  Nancy Jean Carrigan, “Flying to Colorado,” Warrenville, IL

2nd HM  Donna Pucciani, “Cat Caught,” Wheaton, IL

3rd HM  William Marr, “Such Itch,” Downers Grove, IL


VIII.    EXPERIMENTAL POEM     Agnes Wathall Tatera Memorial

In Memory of Robert Anderson

Co-Sponsors: Margarete Cantrall and

Caroline Johnson

Judge: Dr. Kathleen Mullen, Valparaiso, IN


            1st        Donna Pucciani, “Little Fugue,” Wheaton, IL

            2nd        Wilda Morris, “Night Ride,” Bolingbrook, IL

            3rd        Anna Lonas Husain, “Love in Retrospect,” Barrington, IL


            1st HM  Carole Spinelli, “Containers,” Naperville, IL

            2nd HM  Glenna Holloway, “Status Report,” Naperville, IL

            3rd HM  Marilyn Gehant, “Aftershock,” Chicago, IL


IX.       THEME:  THE CITY OF CHICAGO          Sponsor:  Donna Pucciani

                                                                                    Judge:  Jared Smith,

                                                                                    Lafayette, CO


            1st        Anna Lonas Husain, “Heart of Chicago,” Barrington, IL

            2nd        Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Way of the Cross in Pilsen,” Evanston, IL

            3rd        Savannah Thorne, “The City God,” Tulsa, OK


1st HM  Gertrude Rubin, “Grant Park Revisited,” Chicago, IL

2nd HM  Mardelle Fortier, “City of Slender Shoulders,” Lisle, IL

3rd HM  Glenna Holloway, “Chicago Watercolor Show,” Naperville, ILM  HM