Poets & Patrons Contest 2006


#1 Religious


HM #3 Mikki Mendelsohn, “The Artifact,” Naperville

HM #2 Glenna Holloway, “Decoding 101,” Naperville

HM #1 Camille Balla, “At the Kitchen Sink,” Lisle

3 rd Judith Goles, “Expectations In A Carmelite Cell,” Oak Forest

2 nd Donna Pucciani, “ St. John the Baptist Eats Honey and Locusts in

the Desert,” Wheaton

1 st Paul J. Kachoris, “Aspen Cathedral,” Skokie


#2 Humorous


HM #2 Carolyn J. Hellman, “Luncheon of the Boating Party,” Darien

HM #1 Dick Baer, “The Happy Vampires,” Deerfield

3 rd Mikki Mendelsohn, “on Turning 55,” Naperville

2 nd Glenna Holloway, “Jabba al Jabir, the Humble,” Naperville

1 st Rich Le Cropane, “Smells Like Memory,” Oswego


#3 Lyric


HM #3 Jonathan Foster, “Autumn,” Clarendon Hills

HM #2 Joseph Larkin, “I’m Here for the Song,” Joliet

HM #1 J.M. Halama, “From Ancient Memory,” La Grange

3 rd Donna Pucciani, “Pine Cones,” Wheaton

2 nd Paul J. Kachoris, “My Gary Kitchen,” Skokie

1 st Nancy Jean Carrigan, “Sign of the Times,” Warrenville


#4 Formal

HM #3 Mark Hudson, “Starving artist,” Evanston

HM #2 Constance Vogel, “Penny,” Glenview

HM #1 Bernhard Hillila, “First Night,” Valparaiso, IN

3 rd Glenna Holloway, “Seekers on the Edge,” Naperville

2 nd Mardelle Fortier, “Skater Enchanted,” Lisle

1 st Wilda Morris, “ Noon Outside the Music Mart,” Bolingbrook











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#5 Free Verse


HM #3 John J. Gordon, “Old Songs,” La Grange

HM #2 Nancy Jean Carrigan, “First Light…Last Light,” Warrenville

HM #1 Jared Smith,” A Silver Zipper,” Lisle

3 rd Donna Pucciani, “Ankle Bracelet, Circa 1957,” Wheaton

2 nd Mardelle Fortier, “Dance to Victory,” Lisle

1 st Bernhard Hillila, “Un-Donne,” Valparaiso, IN


#6 Poem of Social Conscience


HM #3 Paul Homer, “Amnesty,” Glencoe

HM #2 Beth Staas, “Substitute Mothers,” West Chicago

HM #1 John J. Gordon, “Another City Night,” La Grange

3 rd Constance Vogel, “Library Tours Invites You to Spend

A Day With Islam, Glenview

2 nd Glenna Holloway, “Invisible Battleground,” Naperville

1 st Maureen Tolman Flannery, “eternal anonymity fragmented,”



#7 Miniature Poem


HM #3 Camille Balla, “Oh, to be a bird,” Lisle

HM #2 Paul Rockey, “Kite,” Chicago

HM #1 Jonathan Foster, “Gulls,” Clarendon Hills

3 rd Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Vocabulary Downsizing,” Evanston

2 nd Constance Vogel, “Chairs for the Uninvited,” Glenview

1 st Jared Smith, “Helios,” Lisle


#8 Experimental Poem


HM #3 Jared Smith, “Symphony,” Lisle

HM #2 Rebecca Moskowitz, “The Box Elder Tree,” Lincolnwood

HM #1 Mardelle Fortier, “Whirling in a Wind of Words,” Lisle

3 rd Glenna Holloway, “Auditorium,” Naperville

2 nd Carol Kanter, “ Thirteen Ways of Savoring a Mango,” Evanston

1 st Donna Pucciani, “Michaelmas Day,” Wheaton