POETS & PATRONS ANNUAL

                             2004 Chicagoland Poetry Contest

                                              (Presented at The Harold Washington Library
                                                  October 23rd, 2004)


 #1  RELIGIOUS POETRY                             (Judge Ana Barton, Camp Hill, PA)

First Place:         Donna Pucciani, "Cathedral"
Second Place:     Margarete Cantrall, "On Creation"
Third Place:        Maureen Tolman Flannery "Failings of the Scribe Embellishing an Irish Bible"
1st HM:             Wilda Morris, "Carpenter's Songs"

#2  HUMOROUS OR LIGHT VERSE       (Judge: Emma S. McLaughlin, Camp Hill, PA)

First Place:         Maureen Tolman Flannery,   "Ambiguous Commitment"
Second Place:     Nancy Jean Carrigan, "The Long-Dazed Knight"
Third Place:        Wilma Spellman, "Writer's Block"
1st HM:              Diane Lincoln, "Sometimes it's Hard to Live in the Moment"
2nd HM:            Carolyn J. Hellman, "WHAT A DREAM!"
3rd HM:             Judith Goles, "Intruder"

#3  LYRIC POEM                                         (Judge: Joyce Shiver, Crystal River, FL)

First Place:          Glenna Holloway, "Keatsian Craving"
Second Place:      Nancy Jean Carrigan, "Ballad for a Coyote Moon"
Third Place:         Jeanne Halama, "Can There be a Season"
1st HM:               Constance Vogel, "Melancholy Girl"
2nd HM:              Deborah Nodler Rosen: "Swimming in the Amazon"
3rd HM:              Joseph Larkin, "Monet's Haystacks"

#4  FORMAL VERSE                                  
(Judge: Dr. Alfred Dorn, Flushing, NY)

First Place:            Glenna Holloway, "The Ignis Fatuus"
Second Place:      Carol Kanter, "The Prince"
Third Place:           Dee Schick, "My Senion Mind"
1st HM:                 Mardelle Fortier, "Skater's Sestina"
2nd HM:               Diane Lincoln, "Poet School"
3rd HM:               Wilma Spellman, "Retired Greyhound"

#5  FREE VERSE                                         (Judge: Amy Jo Zuck, Mechanicsburg, OH)

First Place:            Georgiann Foley, "Life With the Thirds"
Second Place:       Margarete Cantrall, "Rumpelstiltskin"
Third Place:           Jared Smith, "The Intensity of Light"
1st HM:                Donna Puccianai, "Raw"
2nd HM:               Marilyn Perettti, "A House Can Talk To You"
3rd HM:                Maureen Tolman Flannery, "The Poet's Wife"

#6  POEM OF SOCIAL CONSCIENCE   (Judge: Bruce Holland Rogers, Eugene, OR)

First Place:            Nancy Jean Carrigan, "Of Heroes and Angel Wings on the Shore"
Second Place:        Shirley Anne Leonard, "Sleepwalking"
Third Place:           Marilyn Peretti, "Finally Meeting Dorothy"
1st HM:                 Ruan Wright, "IRAQ"
2nd HM:                Jared Smith, "Symmetries"
3rd HM:                Wilda Morris, "How You Live On"

#7  MINIATURE POEM                             (Judge: Margo LaGattuta, Rochester, MI)     

First Place:            Carol Kanter, "Absence, on the Magkudigkudi Salt Pans"
Second Place:       Gertrude Rubin, " Emigre"
Third Place:          Shirley Anne Leonard, " Slices of Life"
1st HM:                Glenna Holloway, "Augustember"
2nd HM:               Jared Smith, "At Christman, Just Before Midnight"
3rd HM:               Jennifer Hoomeyer, "Eight Lines out of Chicago"